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Welcome to, your resource for free Apple products including the MacBook Pro, new MacBook Air, iMacs and Mac Mini. All are available for free, simply choose your free MacBook, free iMac or Mac Mini from the lists to the side, sign up with your email address (don't worry - you details are safe) and complete one of the offers. These are generally free (such as Intuit) but can cost up to $10 depending on which one you choose – still not bad for a free MacBook Air!

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Once you've signed up you need to get a few family members or friends to also sign up (the exact number depends on which free Mac you want). It’s as easy as that! Your free Mac will then be winging its way to your front door. If you don’t have enough family members or friends, want proof that this is the 'real deal' or just want to find out more then have a look at our FAQ page for all the facts.

We are able to provide free MacBooks because when you complete an offer that company pays us a comission. We use this comission to buy the Apple products for you!

Simply click on a MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or the iMac to continue! You'll have your free Mac in no time!

Step 1

Click your free Apple Mac product from the selection above. You will be taken to the sign up page where you need to enter your email address and choose a password Ė please donít worry, your details are safe. Please note you can only choose one item.

Step 3

Get a few of your friend to also sign up and complete an offer using your referral link (provided when you sign up in step one). If you need some tips on how to get people to sign up or have any other questions about your free Mac please see our FAQ.

Step 2

Choose and complete one of the available offers. Some are free (such as Intuit), whilst others may require a small deposit.. Make sure you complete your chosen offer as described on the offer page, otherwise it wonít count.