MacBook History

MacBook Pro

The current MacBook Pro is the third generation model and was announced mid-2012 during the AWDC in San Francisco.whilst the 13-inch model was revealed in October 2012. The laptop is officially called the "MacBook Pro with Retina display" in order to differentiate it from the previous generation which is still in production as a budget orientated option.

The second generation MacBook Pro was released on 14 October 2008 and featured a new unibody casing machined from a single piece of aluminium. The styling largely followed that introduced with the iMac and the MacBook Air. Overall the casing is slightly slimmer than the first generation machine. New screen technologies introduced LED backlighting and a glass covering to the screen which gave a brighter, clearer image than preceeding model. Much improved contrast performance was also evident. The connection ports on the new MacBook Pro were moved to the left of the casing and for the first time in MacBook history an SD card slot was introduced, although the 17" model used an ExpressCard slot. Other changes involved moving the optical drive to the right side and the DVI port being replaced completly with a Mini DisplayPort connection with improved bandwidth capability. The FireWire 400 port was deleted but thankfully the FireWire 800 port was retained.

MacBook Air

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